2020 Beneficiary – SPYM

SPYM, an NGO based in New Delhi, has established a drug rehab center and implemented a program to help children get on a path of recovery and rehabilitation. Ignite Asha has chosen SPYM as its 2020 beneficiary in an effort to help SPYM in its mission.





History of SPYM

SPYM (Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses) provides de-addiction intervention for children ages 8-18 years old.  The 90-day treatment program can be extended and employs a multi-disciplinary approach. The services are delivered and overseen by trained staff in a residential setting.

All of the children undergo a clinical assessment, based on which an intervention plan is formulated. They are assessed by a trained clinical psychologist and receive counseling throughout the treatment.

Children at the center take part in recreational activities, literacy, and life skills sessions. Books and recreational facilities, such as indoor games, radio, television and outdoor games are available for the children.

In addition, SPYM emphasizes occupational rehabilitation of adolescents in recovery to help them secure employment, which in turn promotes their social and economic empowerment.

With minimal funding from India’s Government, SPYM relies on local donations and grants to keep the rehab center active and improve its de-addiction program. Drug addiction is so prevalent in New Delhi, that there is a wait list for children to join. With our help, SPYM can implement improvements in infrastructure, services, and resources – all necessary to improve the success rate of rehabilitating these children.