Application Due Date: April 1, 2024

  1. Basic Information – To be included as separate Cover Sheet and not in Application Narrative
    1. Project Name (Character Limit: 100)
    2. Purpose (Character Limit: 200)
      1. Briefly describe the purpose of your request
      2. Example: To support (name/type of program) that will (what the project will ultimately do).
    3. Which program area best describes your request? Select one based on the program/project content, and not the type of organization.
      1. Children/Youth of South Asian Descent in the United States
      2. Women of South Asian Descent in the United States
      3. Children/Youth of South Asian Descent in India
      4. Women of South Asian Descent in India
    4. What is the total cost of your program/project?
    5. What amount is requested from Ignite Asha?
  2. Application Narrative – Limit three (3) pages using 10 pt. font with one (1) inch margins
    1. Organization Description
      1. What is the overall purpose or mission of your organization?
      2. Please include brief history, date established, and date 501(c)(3) status was granted.
    2. Operations – Please describe anything significant that occurred within your organization this year that has impacted your operations.
    3. Program/Project Description
      1. Describe the program/project to be funded.
      2. How will you specifically use the grant funds that are being requested?
    4. Program/Project Outcomes
      1. What benefit is your program/project intended to provide?
      2. What results or goals are you trying to achieve?
      3. How will you measure the results of the program/project?
    5. Impact
      1. What percent of the population served by your organization are of South Asian descent?
      2. What percent of the population served by this program/project are of South Asian descent?
      3. How many individuals will be served by this program/project?
    6. Sustainability
      1. Is this a new, continuing or one-time program/project?
      2. What are your plans for fully funding and sustaining this program/project?
      3. Specify other funding sources or steps taken to get additional funding for program/project
    7. Collaboration
      1. What other agencies are you working with on this program/project?
      2. Describe partnerships and activities.
  3. Supplemental Documents – to be sent as individual PDF files
    1. Financials
      1. Organization’s budget for this project
      2. Organization’s budget for the current fiscal year
      3. Organization’s budget with both projected and actual totals for the last three completed fiscal years
    2. Board Members – Please include a list of current board members with addresses.
    3. Staff – Please include list of management and pertinent staff members.



 In order for your application to be considered complete, your organization’s cover sheet, application narrative, and all supplemental documents must be emailed to application@igniteasha.org before the deadline.

Questions? Please contact Simrit Patel at simrit@igniteasha.org.